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September 18th Results

Bilbee Wins Feature and Secures Second Track Championship!

Nick Bilbee picked up another feature win in the Kelsey Chevrolet Sprint Car Feature tying the record for most career wins in a sprint car at Lawrenceburg with Justin Grant.  Bilbee also won his second track championship in back-to-back years.  Tyler Kendall jumped out to the lead on the opening lap.  Bilbee tracked him down and passed him on lap 16 and never looked back.  Bilbee won by about 4 seconds over Kendall, Max Guilford, Braxton Cummings, and Justin Owen.  Heat race winners are Kendall, Bilbee, and Cummings.  The top 5 in the final point standings were Nick Bilbee, Joss Moffatt, JJ Hughes, Garrett Abrams, and Sterling Cling.


Hamilton Wins Modified Feature, Spille wins 3rd Track Championship!

Matt Hamilton did what Matt Hamilton does, and that’s win another modified feature.  Hamilton took the lead from Cory Skipton on lap 7 and dominated the rest of the race.  Cory Skipton finished second followed by David Spille, Bobby Burleson, and Bryson Clark.  Heat race winners were Tim Cornett, Scotty Kincaid, and Gary Dunaway.  Bobby Davis won the B main.  David Spille won his 3rd track championship in the KOI Auto Parts UMP Modifieds and his second in a row.  The top 5 in final point standings were David Spille, Scotty Kincaid, Matt Hamilton, Zach Bolton, and Bobby Burleson. 


Ramirez Wins First Feature and First Hornet Championship!

Landen Ramirez won his first feature in dramatic fashion and won his first Hornet track championship.  Ramirez was running second to Billy Moore for most of the race until coming to the white flag. Moore’s tire went down, and Ramirez went around him and led the final lap to win his first career hornet feature!  In doing so, Ramirez also won the Besslers U Pull N Save Hornet Track Championship.  The rest of the top 5 was Michelle Baird, Alex West, Ryan Paciocco, and Cordell Moore.  The final point standings were Landen Ramirez, Gary Whitt, Jesse Ramirez, Michelle Baird, and Billey Moore.


McRoberts adds to Career win total and wins Second Championship!

Will McRoberts took the lead from John Heaston on lap 5 and led the final 10 laps to add to his career win total as the all-time winningest driver in the Impact Sports Purestocks.  McRoberts won his second track championship at Lawrenceburg Speedway.  The rest of the top 5 was John Heaston, Joe Mauller, Danny Eichler, and Joel Andrews.  The top 5 in the Impact Sports Purestock final point standings were McRoberts, Joel Andrews, John Heaston, Will Hayes, and Danny Eichler.