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50% Capacity Updates

Hello Friends, 

We can't wait to see you at the Lawrenceburg Speedway this season!! It's been a long time coming!! 

The Lawrenceburg Speedway is permitted to open WITH FANS at 50% Capacity as the State of Indiana enters Stage 4 or reopening.. So, we are opening up on June 20th!! WOO-HOO! 

While we know 2020 is going to look and feel different, we are doing our best to make sure THE BURG is still the same wonderful, friendly place you've always loved. 

A few things to expect: 

~There are multiple hand sanitizer stations located throughout the facilty for your use. 

~We have drawn chalk lines in places such as the gates and concessions to remind our fans of the 6 foot social distance guidelines. 

~In order to be compliant with the state, you may see rows or sections of seats closed off. We are asked to do this to disperse the crowd. Please adhere to all closed areas, as we always have plenty of seating for all. 

~You will see most of our staff wearing face masks and gloves, for both your protection and theirs. Please know that they are still trying to show you their smiling faces and are happy to see you ! :) 

~There are a few "Sanitization Teams" that will be going around the entire facility throughout each event, wiping handrails and surfaces and commonly touched areas. They are pretty cool guys, so, if you see them give them an "air high-five" 


Hope to see you soon!!